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Streets Heart: Invasion of Mural Art in the Streets of Playa del Carmen.

Posted by admin on junio 9, 2017
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Starting today, the artistic community of Playa del Carmen, known for its eclectic and cosmopolitan character, will seek to transform part of the heart of the city through two murals through the Calles Corazón project.


From today, June 1 and for ten days, national artists will beautify the streets of the city, from the roads of the tourist area to those that reach the popular colonies, especially those that have been neglected and poorly lit.


According to Verónica Dupre, promoter of the Calles Corazón initiative, a total of 8 muralists will be working the 4 Bis Street area, between Avenues 25 and 30, belonging to the Insomniak Art, Tobogán Plataforma and RFLCT groups, Supported by the municipal government and two private companies.


Art and Lifestyle, Bonus to the Location of your Vacation Residence


As a future investor, permanent or temporary inhabitant, one of the most important aspects to consider is the location of the real estate in which you are going to invest, because of that will depend much of the attraction that your residence or vacation condo has before your possible guests . Playa del Carmen is already in a privileged position as one of the best vacation destinations in the world, including the coveted luxury sector, but those attractions still have the potential to grow and diversify


The Calles Corazón project seeks to underpin this growth and diversification, considering the multiculturalism of its inhabitants as one of the nodal attractions that generate more flow to the area – not forgetting the beauty of beaches, exotic restaurants and bars, and the Endless activities that can be found, thus forming a creative and dreamy community that joins artists and tourists from all over the world.


«Being a playense is not only living in Playa del Carmen, but enjoying it and being part of the colors, flavors, beaches and activities (…) is to be the heart that each person puts in their daily life, in their routines, their creations , Filling every corner of Playa del Carmen with endless proposals from creators and entrepreneurs, «said the promoter of the initiative, Veronica Dupre.


«The presence of urban art allows a new visualization of the environment, generating a positive change between space and social life, one that seeks to tell a story and generate an emotion through art for both those who are passing through the city and For those who have made their home in Playa del Carmen. »


Consumption and Local Experiences, Incomparable Goodwill


The incentives to put Playa del Carmen in the hands of its inhabitants are not limited to murals, they also launch the call to consume the local, to turn to feel the streets and neighborhoods, to contribute to security, peace and harmony


It is about providing the same characteristics that jet setters and authentic travelers look for in an international destination: getting away from everything they consider globalized and common, and embracing local experiences and the lifestyle of the cities they arrive at, not Only to know, but to observe, feel, experience and connect with the environment and the community.


The connection of a society with its city is a palpable attraction, which does not occur everywhere or sporadically, it is a value and a habit longed for by many and achieved by few. For this reason there are neighborhoods that feel authentic and others that look like a mere plastic facade.


It also has the enormous advantage of being an authentic city, which translates into a surplus value that no one but social cohesion and collective commitment can bring to a place. For this reason, residential projects are growing stronger and more global, an opportunity that you as a real estate investor should not fail to take advantage of.


What do you think of these types of projects? Give us your opinion in the comments section.


Playa del Carmen has a wide offer and demand in the real estate sector in which you can invest safely and reliably. If you want to know why we recommend a holiday home as an ideal investment property, and how to recognize one that is excellent, we recommend this blog, where we talk about the elements that you should look for in a residence to obtain a juicy ROI without That you have to worry so much to maintain and to promote your holiday residence:


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