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Mexico: an Expat Heaven

Posted by admin on noviembre 18, 2016
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hen choosing a foreign country as the new home, expats look for some basic things that will shape their happiness and satisfaction with life away from home. According to InterNations, a popular international expat website, some of the most important criteria are: general quality of life, ease of settling in, working abroad, family life, personal finance and general satisfaction with life.

It turns out that Mexico is a winner among expats on most of these counts, making it one of he most desirable countries in the world (it came third, after Ecuador and Luxembourg):

“…Mexico is the clear winner in the Ease of Settling In Index… Nine in ten expats (91%) are pleased with their expat life in Mexico. Another measure of satisfaction is the high number of expats (44%) that would like to stay forever. About one in three expats (28%) moved to Mexico for a job. Interestingly, the next highest percentage (19%) list love as their main motivation for moving to Mexico. They either moved in order to join their partner in Mexico or moved along with them. Mexico’s results in the Quality of Life Index are somewhat mixed. On the bright side, Mexico ranks fourth for personal happiness, and the general satisfaction with the local climate and weather also adds to the quality of living.” – InterNations, 2014.

We have uncovered some of the main reasons why Mexico is an expat paradise:

1. PROXIMITY. Mexico is very close to home, especially for expats from the U.S. This guarantees the existence of home comforts, such as brands and stores one might be used to.

2. CULTURAL INTEGRATION. Expat havens in Mexico make integration process very easy. It’s generally easier to make friends with anyone from your country (or any other foreign country) when you find yourself in the same boat of an immigrant. You share tips, advice and easily form friendships. On the other hand, Mexicans themselves are very welcoming and warm.  “When I first arrived here, I found an amazing sense of family set into the everyday lifestyle,” said Justin Ermini, who moved from the United States to Mexico City two years ago and now works as a chef at Anatol Restaurant. “On Saturdays and Sundays the parks are filled with children playing, families having long lunches together, [and] late family walks after dinner.” – BBC Travel.

3. PROPERTY PRICES. Property in Mexico can be bought or rented for a fraction of U.S. or European prices, and it can also be used as an investment that generates stable rental income, especially if it’s located in a tourist place, such as Puerto Vallarta or the Riviera Maya.

4. ENTREPRENEURSHIP.  Mexico is a land where anything is possible, and many young entrepreneurs from Europe and the U.S. move to Mexico to start new companies.  The New York Times says: “Europe, dying; Mexico, coming to life. The United States, closed and materialistic; Mexico, open and creative.” For example, Riviera Maya Global is an innovative real estate/ architectural firm in Tulum, founded by four expats from London, Italy and New York. The founders saw the potential of this booming beach town with some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, and decided to use their skills in real estate, architecture, sales and marketing to create one of the most upbeat young companies in town. There are many others. “Artists like Marc Vigil, a well-known Spanish television director who moved to Mexico City in October, said that compared with Spain, Mexico was teeming with life and an eagerness to experiment. “In Spain, everything is a problem,” he said. “Here in Mexico, everything is possible. There is more work and in the attitude here, there is more of a spirit of struggle and creativity.” – The New York Times.

5. CULTURE AND FOOD. Mexico is the land of rich culture and delicious food. If you live in Mexico City, you can enjoy a variety of the most exquisite restaurants and take weekend trips to Xochimilco to marvel at Aztec-era floating gardens, traditional markets and colonial buildings. If you find yourself in Yucatan, you will be submerged in Mayan heritage, including lost pyramids in the jungle, old Mayan towns and mouthwatering cuisine, which ranges from seafood on the coast (such as fresh ceviche) and typical cochinita pibil tacos (slowly roasted suckling pig) to the sophisticated organic jungle restaurants of Tulum.

6. NATURE AND CLIMATE. Mexico offers warm weather and amazing nature – from mountains to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. If you choose to settle in one of the coastal areas, such as the Riviera Maya, you will be enjoying a year-round summer, turquoise Caribbean Sea and some of the world’s best opportunities for tourism development and real estate investment, especially in Tulum.


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